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Heartfelt Messages from our Patients

We consider ourselves blessed to be a part of their happy story

Their happiness matters the most to us!

We have been a part of numerous stories of parents with sick neonates and preemies. Post-treatment, they have showered us with heartfelt messages and love which keeps us going.

Arpan Hospital is one of the best in the entire Ahmedabad, as it runs like a well-oiled machine by having excellent doctors, led by genius Dr. Ashish Mehta, super helping nurses, and good administrative and cooperative team. Thanks a ton to entire Arpan team for taking care of our babies like their own. Special thanks to Dr. Binoy Shah for taking care of our babies throughout the journey at hospital. Last but not the least, this hospital has all the latest technologies and is super clean as it is required for premature babies. Once again, thanks a lot to all the Arpanites for all the support.
Jaswinder and Rajinder Kohli
Mumbai, Maharashtra
I think I found better place for new parents. We are lucky so we found you like “God” in this kind of generation. Thank you is not enough for you. I just said one thing- you are “God” to give new birth for my child.
Kamlesh Sompura (Rinu)
Lunawa, Rajasthan
First of all, “Thank You” to the full ‘Arpan Team’ for giving us a healthy baby. The constant efforts for taking care of our child in the duration she was here was unbelievable. The best thing we learned here is that each and every person is ‘Down to Earth’ in terms of nature and in any query that is asked by parents and family. Lastly I would say that your slogan is true. ‘MAKING MIRACLES’ The team has made ‘MIRACLE’
Khushboo U. Shah
Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Arpan Hospital has one of the best staff and doctors’ team presently in India. The doctors and NICU team give their best efforts and treatment for the newborn. We are thankful to Mr. Ashish bhai and team for their efforts. Thank you.
Hiral P. Shah
Ahmedabad, Gujarat
AWESOME DOCTOR! Thank you so much Arpan Team for taking care of my child. Last 2 months were very much difficult for me to pass but you all made it possible. Each passing day brought smile on my face, and the day for finally taking my baby home has come. Ashish sir, you are the best doctor I have ever met till date. Plus adding Binoy sir, Maitray sir, Dhiren sir, Vishal sir, you all are awesome. Mothers like me need doctors like you. Thanks to all the lovely sisters for taking care of my child.
Bhumi A. Bavishi
Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Dear Arpan Family, thank you so much for treating us like your own family members. You all are the angels for our little ones. GOD BLESS ALL!!!
Xandrea Goswami (Jack)
-Bayad, Aravalli, Gujarat
It’s a pleasure to be in Arpan. Our kids (Naman & Manasi) are blessed by the team Arpan (Doctor, Nurses and all staff members). We give special thanks to Ashish sir, Binoy sir, Dhiren sir, Vishal sir, Maitray sir for proper guidance and take care. We wish all the Arpan Team best wishes and thanks. And special thanks to all the sisters/ nurses.
Namrata Gupta
Ahmedabad, Gujarat
It’s our pleasure to share our experience of our great moments with you. All the doctors are very professional. The nurses’ behaviour are very well with experienced and the hospital environment is very hygienic condition. Thank you so much to all Arpan teams.
Neeva B. Kalavadia
Ahmedabad, Gujarat
It has started as a scariest journey but with your awesome medical skills and full support. It has ended as a most wonderful and satisfying journey. Thank you and your team very very much. Our baby wouldn’t have been so healthy without your tremendous efforts. THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts. God bless you always.
Monali Mehul Joshi
Nadiad, Gujarat
“Life is a climb, but the view is beautiful.” This line is much applicable to our journey when the doctor informed us about TWINS (MONO CHRONIC TWINS). We were scared and my wife had to undergo complete bed rest and we spend almost 5 months at Munshi Hospital. Dr. Ami Munshi & Dr. Sujal Munshi advised us that if this pregnancy crosses 24 weeks then Dr. Ashish Meta & Team will be our saviour. On 2nd day of 26th week (5th June 2019), my wife delivered twin baby boys. But we had assurance of babies as Dr. Ashish, Dr. Manish & Dr. Binoy will save the babies. On 4th Aug, we are happily taking discharge with our twin babies. Doctor is like God to us. No one has seen God but for us this team is the face of God. Our prayers and Dr. Ashish, Dr. Manish, Dr. Dhiren, Dr. Vishal, and Dr. Binoy’s medicines worked.
Vatsal P. Vyas (Priyanka)
-Ahmedabad, Gujarat
We are very much thankful to Dr. Ashish Sir & the full doctors’ team who have treated my son very very well and given us the perfect guidance. We got the perfect treatment for exactly what we were worried about. Big thanks to all sisters & staff members. Thanks a TON Arpan Team.
Nilam Ravi Jaisinghani
Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Thank you all Arpan Team and Dr. Ashish Sir & his wonderful team. We are very happy to say our child’s second parents are Arpan Team. The doctors’ team and all staff members are very humble and polite. Thank you Arpan for our child.
Meet Gadhvi
Ahmedabad, Gujarat
We have no words to express our feelings today. Thank you all doctors, all sisters for your kind support and great help. Special thanks to Dr. Ashish Mehta Sir and Team for saving my precious baby. Hearty thank you for that.
Kinjal Samir Mistry
Ahmedabad, Gujarat
We are so grateful to the doctors’ team and staff for great treatment of our child. We are so satisfied, happy, and thankful to all the support staff of Arpan.
Neha Mihirbhai Patel
Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Respected all doctors, I have no words to explain how happy I am now! Credit goes to all doctors and staff members. All of you gave the best treatment and helped me a lot in not worrying about my baby. Thanks a lot.
Sonam Vishal Patel
Ahmedabad, Gujarat