Newborn Care Centre & Neonatal Hospital in Ahmedabad, Gujarat
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Arpan Newborn Care Centre

World Class Neonatal Care for Preterm and Under-Weight Sick Babies

Prematurely delivered and extremely low weight babies are unique, requiring critical and special care. We have dedicated ourselves to do just that since 2000, being the first-of-its-kind newborn care centre in western India. After hundreds of successful cases, we can confidently say that we have restored countless little worlds with every baby we saved.

Pioneering New Initiatives

Breast Milk Bank

Donate Breast Milk, Save Babies.

In our endeavour to provide the best to neonates, we have established a Breast Milk Bank. Through this noble initiative, we aim to provide human breast milk, donated by mothers and subsequently pasteurised and then given to infants who can’t get their mother’s milk.

This non-profit initiative is executed through a sophisticated, well-defined dedicated set-up and processes, made possible at Arpan through extensive planning and dedication.

If you’re a lactating mother and wish to be a part of this initiative, share your details here or visit one of our centres.

Family Centred Care

While we treat babies at Arpan, we don’t treat their parents as mere visitors. Family Centred Care is a concept based on the fact that every baby needs her parents the most. Their presence matters and affects the overall treatment and development of the baby while at Arpan.

Family Centred Care promotes a transparent and honest bond between the nursing staff and the families along with unrestricted parental presence in the NICU.

If your baby is being treated at Arpan, you are an “Arpan” Parent. Know how you can be a part of the entire treatment process.

A Unique Baby-Friendly Approach

Care for the baby goes beyond just saving her life. We are not done until we are absolutely sure about her intact survival and good health. We are always beside the mother and the family throughout the entire treatment process. A less stressed mother leads to better treatment of her baby.

When you step inside our centres, you will not get the feeling that you’re in a hospital. Calmness and serenity reflects from every part while our staff provides personalised and empathic support to the mothers.

You Might Have these Questions

Being a parent of a preterm baby comes with its share of worries. If you are one, you might have a lot of questions. We are here to answer all of them patiently. Before that, find the answers to the most basic questions in this short video.

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Words that Keep Us Going

Worried parents come to us with fear, hopes, and a lot of questions. We ensure that when they leave Arpan, they do so with a healthy baby and scientific knowledge about newborn care. They have left heartfelt messages for us, some of which are shared here with equal love.

The Miracle Board

Saving a tiny, extremely sick baby takes a lot of expertise and care. Since 2000, our team has saved hundreds of such babies, all of them with a delightful ending to the story.