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Donate Breast Milk, Save Babies

Your excess breast milk can save a baby’s life

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Breast Milk Bank At Arpan Violet

A not-for-profit initiative to ensure that sick preterm babies get the ideal nutrition from human breast milk instead of formula feeds at Arpan.

For a baby, mother’s milk is the best source of nutrition while growing up. In case of premature babies, oftentimes, mother’s milk is not available in as much volume as required. In such cases, formula feeds are the only alternatives for the babies which are not ideal for them.

After serving hundreds of sick term & preterm babies for decades, Arpan Newborn Care Centre has taken the initiative to provide sick neonatal babies the best nutrition in the form of donated human breast milk.

The Breast Milk Bank at “Arpan Violet” is an expertly set up facility where mothers with excess breast milk can voluntarily express and donate it for sick babies. This initiative will exclusively serve babies being treated at Arpan who are not able to get their mother’s milk.

The Process

Donor mothers are carefully screened for health behaviours and communicable diseases
They donate their breast milk at our hospitals
The milk is pasteurised and screened for infections
It is then processed for storage
We store the milk under optimum temperature in deep freezer
Upon requirement, the frozen milk is thawed and fed to the sick babies

Dedicated Breast Milk Bank

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Your breast milk can do wonders for the babies

  • Breast milk coats their digestive system and nurtures the interstitial tract
  • It is light and easy to absorb, thereby reducing the risk of wind, colic, constipation, and diarrhoea
  • It contains antibodies which save the baby from infections such as chickenpox, cough, and measles
  • It protects the babies from allergies like eczema and asthma
  • The combination of these factors protects babies from problems such as VPI, sepsis, obesity, diabetes, and food allergies
  • Decrease in the length of hospital stay
  • Reduction in colonization by pathogenic organisms
  • Improved neuro developmental outcomes in preterm babies
  • Minimal cost for optimum growth and development of the baby
If you’re a lactating mother and wish to be a part of this initiative, share your details here or visit one of our centres.