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Tender care to overcome nature’s challenges

The philosophy of ‘Intact Survival’ for normal, healthy life of the baby

Dedicated neonatal care for tiny patients

Arpan Newborn Care Centre has been dedicatedly taking care of prematurely delivered and extremely low weight babies through our first-of-its-kind centre in Ahmedabad. Our first centre, also known as ‘Mother Arpan’ has seen numerous successful cases, many of which are a part of global neonatology history. We are accredited to being the pioneer in providing tertiary level intensive care to neonates through a private set-up in western India.

We approach every sick neonate with the belief in accomplishing

“Big Dreams for Small Miracles”

Our centres are specifically designed to go beyond being a treatment centre to providing ‘Developmental Supportive Care’ to the newborn baby through a dedicated centre. This ensures healthy growth and all round development of the neonate into a healthy, normal child.

We have been doing that since over 3 decades now!

Expanding our reach – Arpan Violet

In 2018, Arpan has extended its presence further across the city with a new centre. We call it ‘Arpan Violet’! Consider it as the first of the many colours of a beautiful rainbow. This centre serves as another dedicated destination for parents of neonates who are seeking the best care for their sick babies. Three dedicated floors with 5-star stay facility for “Arpan Mothers” along with a newly set-up Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) assures worried parents in the most caring way possible.

Arpan Violet is an extension of our philosophy of providing excellent medical care to the sick preemies and neonates. Through this expansion, we have created the most spacious facility for neonatal care in the country. The unit incorporates Family Centered Care to the treatment processes, which means the parents can stay with their babies for long and become a part of their day to day care.

If you have a sick neonate in need of professional care, visit our centres.

Not just treatment, but Intact Care

We believe in Intact Survival, i.e. ensuring that the baby is intact and unharmed to grow and develop into a healthy child. Our team of able doctors and nurses treat every preemie and neonate with this philosophy to make sure they are saved ‘intact’ and they grow up without any heath complications, physical challenges or congenital diseases in the future.

Love and Support are great healers

Every parent who comes to Arpan with their sick baby has a lot of worries and questions. We have always believed in the healing power of genuine love and support. By fostering such an environment, we have turned their worries into positive hopes and questions into clarity.

The environment at our centres is designed in a contemporary manner, inspiring serenity and calmness, which is a relaxing change from the tense atmosphere of a regular ICU. This ensures a safe, positive and hopeful environment both for the baby and the parents. Continuous therapy fosters a caring environment for parents to stay calm and give as much tender care and love to their ailing baby as possible.

Exploring new frontiers by creating professionals in neonatal care

Training Programs at Arpan

Arpan is a certified training centre for fellowship in neonatology, accredited by the National Neonatology Forum.

IAP recognized Neonatology Fellowship Program
2 seats
N. N. F. Fellowship Program
2 seats
N. N. F. Fellowship Program for Nurses

Arpan provides tremendous opportunities to the trainee doctors and nurses at the very onset of their careers.

  • Oftentimes, they get the opportunity to provide treatment during emergencies.
  • Our trainee doctors are exposed to some of the most complicated cases where they are actively involved in the day to day care of the sick babies.
  • Every Saturday, they are involved in academic meeting with discussions on topics relevant to theory and clinical part of neonatology. It also involves weekly presentations. Every Thursday, all the fellows join the Journal Club, which happens every week, involving 19 neonatal centres across the country.
  • They work closely with experts at work while getting the opportunity to interact with them openly.
  • They receive hands-on experience in managing sick babies as per the most recent internationally accepted protocols.
  • They get to attend on all high risk deliveries along with consultants.
  • They get exposure to the latest technical equipment at the centres.

Nursing lectures are taken once a week at Arpan.

Young neonatologists are invited for fellowship at Arpan centres.

Research at Arpan

Arpan Newborn Care Centre has dedicated continuous research activities towards the inherent philosophy of ‘Intact Survival’. Our belief in making sure that the preemie not only survives but grows and develops into a normal and healthy child drives us to conduct research oriented activities in the form of various clinical trials involving different neonatology centres in the country.

Our Research Papers

CPAP and Meconium
Nasopharyngeal/ nasal ventilator CPAP/ Bubble CPAP for the management of Meconium aspiration syndrome in neonates: Predictors of success.
Perinatal Risk Stratification
Perinatal risk stratification and developmental outcome – a multi-centre study – a service oriented project for NICU babies.