Family-Centered Care in Ahmedabad | Arpan's Commitment to Parent-Infant Bonding
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Fostering a strong parent-nursing staff bond

Active involvement of parents in the baby’s treatment

Family Centred Care

The Philosophy of Bonding with Care

We know that parents of a new born in requirement of treatment will always be highly anxious and worried. In such cases, if they are treated as mere visitors, it only adds to their anxiety. Arpan Newborn Care Centre approaches the treatment of neonates by involving the parents as a part of the entire treatment process. This means, unrestricted parental presence in the NICU and complete transparency with the nurses and support staff during the entire stay of their baby at Arpan.

Family Centred Care is a concept based on the fact that every baby needs her parents the most. Their presence matters and affects the overall treatment and development of the baby while at Arpan.

What this means?

  • Parents will be a part of the baby’s day-to-day treatment and management
  • Complete transparency between the nursing staff, doctors and the parents
  • Stronger bond between the parents and the baby from the beginning
  • Training and education of parents for the baby’s overall development
  • Parental participation in the decision making process

Principles guiding Family Centred Care at Arpan

Each baby and her family
Honouring diversity
Recognizing and building on individual strengths
Supporting and facilitating family choice
In policies and practices
Honest and unbiased information
On an ongoing basis
On all levels of healthcare
To make informed choices